Silver Millennium
A thousand years ago a vast kingdom existed on the Moon, which stretched across every planet in our solar system with the exception of one, the Earth. Contact between the worlds of the Silver Alliance and the Terrenes was forbidden by an ancient decree.  The people of the moon were peaceful and viewed the Earth as being too barbaric to join their alliance.  Therefore, for many years, the Moon just watched over the Earth from afar.  However, for one young princess, just watching the Earth was not enough, for she had fallen in love with a young man from there.  Every night she would sneak into the viewing room just to glimpse at his face.  But after a time, even that was not enough, and one night she stole down to the Earth's palace...         

From there the story is not clear, but it is safe to say that she met Prince Endymion, and they fell in love under the moonlight.  After that time, Serenity would always sneak down to the Earth just to see her prince.  Eventually, the Senshi found out, but for some reason, they did not stop her from taking her excursions.  Instead they seem to have taken turns in going with her.

For a while, the forbidden lovers were happy, but then one day, a dark spot appeared over the sun and rebellions sparked up all over Earth.  Endymion's forces were repelled until finally he fled to the Moon to warn Serenity and her kingdom of Metallia's impending attack.  The attack came too so for the Moon Kingdom to fight back and all was lost save the Queen and her two advisors, Luna and Artemis.

Seeing the destruction around her, Queen Serenity sent all of the Moon Children to the future on Earth in hopes that they would all find each other again and eventually reawaken the Moon Kingdom.

Sailor Moon
A thousand years later, the children of the Moon were reborn into new lives with new hopes and dreams.  Princess Serenity was reborn into the rather clumsy, temperamental Serena or Bunny, as Mixx refers to her.  One day on her hundred yard dash to school Bunny stops a group of young boys from torturing a cat.  She then proceeds to remove the band aide.  The cat runs off but she is never far from Bunny's presence during the rest of the day.  Until finally that night she sneaks into Bunny's room and proceeds to drop a bombshell on the poor girl.  She is the Sailor Suited Solider of the Moon -- Sailor Moon.

The story proceeds that each of the Inner Senshi -- the guardian of the Moon Princess -- are found, and Bunny keeps running into that cute student from Azabu High School, who likes to make fun of her hair.  Secretly, they both have a crush on each other but that's open to interpretation -- esp, in the manga!  ^_^ \/

Come the fight at Tokyo Tower, Darien and Bunny already know each other's secret identity as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask; however, it is not until that night that they discover that Serenity and Endymion live within them.  Kunzite moves to attack Sailor Moon, but Tuxedo Mask steps in the way and takes the blast -- effectively killing himself in the process.  The majority of the rest of the season is spent with Bunny finding out about her past as Princess Serenity and grieving for her lost love -- esp. when Endo arrives on the scene and looks strangely like Darien but he isn't Darien, which Bunny all too quickly learns.

Endo brainwashes Lita in order to convince her to lead him, Endo, to the control room of the Sailor Senshi.  Sailor Venus attacks him, but Evil Tuxedo Mask, Endo, succeeds in capturing the Silver Crystal despite her best efforts.  The girls follow him into the Dark Kingdom where Beryl lies waiting for them.  She attacks Sailor Moon, but Venus uses the "sacred sword to protect the Princess" to defeat Beryl once and for all.  However, Venus is then kidnapped by Evil Endymion after reading an inscription in the sword and fainting dead away.  Sailor Moon follows him and winds up in a heap of trouble.

Too, make a long story short...  When Sailor Moon gives up hope of ever winning this battle against her only love, Queen Serenity speaks to her, telling her to be strong, and that is when Sailor Moon realizes she can no longer stand to see Endymion in this way.  She then takes up the stone sword and stabs him, reaches up to kiss his lips, and stabs herself...  The crystal creates a protective shield around the fallen monarchs, drawing Metallia's formless darkness to it.  The Inner Senshi rally behind Venus and call upon the full powers of their planets, forfeiting their lives...

Sailor Moon awakens inside of the crystal, only to discover that Darien's pocket watch had saved her life and that she is inside of Queen Metallia.  Using the crystal, Sailor Moon repels Metellia for the moment.  The light of the Silver Crystal somehow restores Darien to life, but he is blind.

Drawing upon the strength of her friends, Endymion, and the Silver Crystal, Sailor Moon destroys Metellia, forfeiting her life and awakening the Moon Kingdom in the process.

Using his powers to heal, Darien draws Bunny into his arms and kisses her.  When he opens his eyes, he is met with the most beautiful pair of azure eyes he has ever seen.  And thus, the star crossed lovers are reunited and everything is restored -- okay, really she has to turn down becoming the monarch of the Moon Kingdom again, heal the Earth's people, and journey home where she is met with a group hug from all of her friends.
Sailor Moon R
One day a little girl drops from the sky, landing on a kissing Bunny and Darien.  She brainwashes Bunny's family into thinking she is a cousin, but Luna bites Darien and Bunny's hands awakening them from the brainwashing in time for it not to effect them.  Rini becomes really good friends with Darien, and often makes Bunny really jealous; however, Darien never breaks up with her in the manga nor does he ever have dreams that you are ever told about.

Eventually, everyone but Sailor Moon, Venus, and Tuxedo Mask are captured by the Nemesis.  The three go to the future, but somewhere along the lines Diamond kidnaps Bunny.  She awakens in a strange room, with a strange man standing before her, and in a strange dress.  Meanwhile, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter awaken in the Room of Darkness only to discover they cannot transform, and Rini runs away from the Palace.  And somehow, Bunny finds her way to Sapphire, who tells her of the Wiseman and his brother, and then attempts to kill her.

The Silver Crystal, finally, bursts to life and she is instantly transformed into Sailor Moon.  Moon frees her friends  and with the help of a time key, she transports them all back to the crystal palace where Venus is waiting for them.  Together, the girls travel back to the 20th Century only to be called back again when Black Lady strikes the palace. 

* Black Lady and Endymion, eventually, strike out at the Sailor Senshi and knock all of them out save Moon, who then tries to use her Silver Crystal to heal them.  However, it does not work and Endymion steals her broach and the moon rod.  Diamond then proceeds to steal the crystal of the past from Black Lady, who took it from Bunny's broach, and nearly merges it with the crystal of the future.  Sailor Pluto then steps in and stops time, forfeiting her life.  Bunny retrieves the crystal, and Rini's memories return, awakening her own Silver Crystal and senshi powers.  Diamond attacks the Senshi, and Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask  combine their powers in order to defeat him.

Sailor Moon turns her attack to Nemesis, but he repels the attack and draws her and Tuxedo Mask into his darkness.  However, not all is lost for at that very moment, Neo-Queen Serenity awakens from her crystal cocoon, and revives the Senshi of the Future and Endymion.  Using the power of love and aided by her daughter, Sailor Moon destroys Nemesis and her locket, once more. 

Neo-Queen gives Bunny a new locket and everyone goes home happy.  Well, almost everyone.  Bunny wanted to see Neo-Queen Serenity, but because two beings cannot exist in the same space, she is unable to do so.  Until, that is, a mischievous little queen decides to take maters into her own hands and say her own farewell to her younger self.

* sorry, I'm trying to interpret an untranslated copy of manga 7.
Sailor Moon S
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Sailor Moon SuperS
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Sailor Moon Stars
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